Expected Handout

Your handout is your project git repository. Any push to your git repository modifies the state of your handout.

You are expected to respect your git repository structure. No files nor directories are to be added to your project.

You should not need to add any functions to the pre-existing ones in your project’s repository. Nonetheless, you’re allowed to as long as the functions your repository comes with are present in the handout. In such a case these are auxiliary functions you use to factor your code ; no other functions but the pre-existing ones are going to be tested!


At initial state your repository is a buildable Dune project. Your handout should satisfy this property. If your project does not go through compilation it will not be graded i.e. your grade will be 0/20. You are given tools to be able to partially test your code use it! For details regarding build process you’re invited to have a look at Compiling and Testing Your Code section.

Each student is expected to have their own handout. This is not a group project!


Handouts will be collected by Saturday, March 2nd at 23:42.